How many polygons can I use in my plot?
You can use round about 500k, may 1mio polygons is currently a recommend limit.
Keep in mind, a cube has 6 areas, 8 corners and 12 edges. The computer calculates the position of the every point (x, y, z) of the cube: So, there are 8 linked edges (and vectors) with x, y, z what makes the cube. That makes 24 values to render. All edges are linked to another edge their links which makes the areas and then renders the cube or triangles or poloygons.
If you have a cube and a light in your scene, the CPU of your device calculates the ligth for 8 vectors and all set up light effects (shadow, reflection, intensity, color, blur, transparence).
So their are already 24 values only for one light. If you have two lights and two cubes its not only a simple calculation as:

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